Dieffenbachia Tropic 75 cm

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Dieffenbachia Tropic 75 cm


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Dieffenbachia is a very common houseplant that has many varieties available. Dieffenbachia Tropic has beautiful leaves that vary in color and can reach up to 1 m or more.

They like to be protected from bright, harsh light in the summer. If they have too much light their leaves will look faded. Provide medium to bright light.

Water when soil is dry to the touch and be very careful not to overwater, as too much water can cause stem rot. On the other hand, if they do not get enough water their leaves will get brown edges. Dieffenbachia does best when watered on a regular schedule.

In addition, in conditions of very dry air, mist the plants first thing in the morning.

Caution: All parts of the plant are poisonous. Keep this plant away from the reach of children and never eating while taking cuttings or handling the plants.

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