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Ficus Robusta or Ficus Elastica, is called also Rubber Tree Plants because of the rubber produced from its sap.

Rubber tree is one of very best houseplants to clean the air. They can be used as plant for the table or as a tree of 2 m height or even more.

Ficus Robusta is very strong plant but not very easy to care. It is difficult to water, since the leaves turn yellow from under-water and over-water, or even some perfect leaves fall off from over-water. Allow 25% of the top of the soil dry out before watering. Water it well but not very often.

Place Rubber Tree in medium-bright indirect light. They don’t like to be moved frequently and need constant temperatures.

Clean the leaves from dust over every month to keep them looking fantastic and healthy and to let them do its job, cleaning the air.


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