Vriesea Cupcake (Bromalia)

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Vriesea Cupcake (Bromalia)


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Bromelia plants are very adaptable and easy to care. There are many varieties to choose from all different leaf colors and shapes. The foliage ranges from deep green to red or variegated. The flowers are colorful and long lasting (6-10 weeks).

They need medium light and are drought resistant succulents that like dry soil. Over-watering is the first reason Bromelia dies.

Bromelia only blooms once indoors. When the flower starts to die, it begins to produce pups, which will bet the new Bromelia plants. To help them to grow, cut off the dying flower. When the pups are have size of the other, remove them from the mother and place them in new containers. They will bloom in 1-2 years.



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